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My Approach


I use Transactional Analysis (TA) as my main theoretical framework. It offers an accessible theory of human development, personality and social interaction. It can assist in understanding why we may be stuck in repetitive patterns of unfulfilling behaviour.


My approach is rooted in relational psychotherapy. This places an emphasis on the relationships that we experienced in our formative years. These ways of being-with-others have shaped our personalities and relationships which can prevent us from being autonomous and spontaneous in the here and now.


Problems experienced in life, ‘out there’ can emerge between client and therapist. There is a focus on the effect that we have on each other. Within this therapeutic relationship of a shared, heightening awareness, we can work to understand and resolve what you may have, so far, not been able to make sense of.

Underpinning my work is the belief that:


  • All people matter and are of value.

  • We all have the potential to be authentic, alive, responsive and fulfilled human beings.

  • Our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, our bodies and our beliefs, are deeply interlinked.

  • Our past has a profound influence on how we are in the present. We need to deal with the negative consequences of our experiences in order to create the conditions needed for growth and fulfilment.

  • We are people in relationship. Understanding and improving how we relate to others and how we relate to ourselves and our pasts is an important part of psychotherapy.

  • With the help of a therapist we can choose to make positive and lasting changes in our lives.

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